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  • PROJECT – From Waste to Resource
    17 Jun 2016 Posted In : News

    Bio-degradeable Municipal Solid Waste to Compost to Kolkata's Greenery A major portion of the Municipal Solid Waste is that or organic / bio-degradeable matter which can easily be recovered as a resource. This Programme aims to convert urban Municipal Solid Waste (bio-degradeable) into...

    17 Jun 2016 Posted In : News

    Reducing Kolkata City's Carbon Footprint Kolkata city receives more than 2100 hours of great sunshine and yet there are hardly any solar installations in the city. The development model being followed and rampant concretization and formation of urban heat island effect (the temperature...

  • PROJECT – Municipal Solid Waste Management by the Youth of Kolkata locally
    17 Jun 2016 Posted In : News

    Segregation, 3 Rs and Composting Municipal Solid Waste in Schools / Colleges of the city of Kolkata   ccckolkata¬†proposes to create awareness about the challenges faced by the city from its Municipal Solid Waste and the urgent need to manage it locally through...

  • PROJECT – Composter in Neighbourhood Markets
    17 Jun 2016 Posted In : News

    Neighbourhood Markets - nodal point of huge quantities of MSW creation and also where the local neighbourhood community comes together Neighbourhood markets create enormous amounts of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Through the process of creating awareness about MSWM and engaging the market community...